What type of insurance do I need for selling products?

If you sell products, then you should have Retail Insurance. Whether it be online, in a shop, or both, we can provide you with a bespoke policy suited to your needs. Our retailers’ insurance policies can cover you for your goods, your customers and any employees that you may have. If you sell items online or in a shop and want to avoid any unforeseen costs from damaged or stolen stock or claims made against you by customers and staff, then Retail Insurance is the ideal over for you.
Retail Insurance is suitable for the following business types:

  • Online shops
  • Wholesalers & Importers
  • Shops & Trader Counters
  • Specialist and niche products

Because we understand how unique different retailers can be, we know that a one size fits all approach won’t work. That’s why we get to know your business before providing you with the best insurance product, tailored to you.

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